Viscose PET Spunlace Nonwoven is made from Austrian LENZING viscose and Chinese SINOPEC polyester by advanced spunlace technology. Customers can choose plain , mesh, embossed, printed and dyed according to their specific applications. Because of its features such as soft feeling, high water absorption, low lint and solvent resistance, it is mainly used as cleaning cloth, dish cloth, wet wipes, face wipes, bed sheets and so on.

Floor Wipes Fabric
Spunlace non-woven embossing
Small Dot Embossed Spunlace Nonwoven
Printing nonwoven fabric
Kitchen wipes printing nonwoven
Kitchen wipes spunlace nonwoven
Kitchen wipes nonwoven fabric
Household wipes nonwoven
Household wipes spunlace fabric
Household wipes spunlace nonwoven
Dyed Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric
Printing wipes spunlace fabric