Woodpulp PET Spunlaced Nonwoven adopts Canadian wood pulp and Chinese SINOPEC polyester as raw materials, which can be used as a multi-purpose clean material in many fields. It has many characteristics like soft, abrasion resistance, low lint and high strength. The plain is generally used for wiping laboratory tools and electronic products, but also can be used for car maintenance care. The embossed is ideal for polishing cars, windows or mirrors without leaving any streaks or scratches. The high friction material mainly used in delicate surface or hard to reach places cleaning because of its hole structure. In addition, Woodpulp PET Spunlace Nonwoven can be used as the waterproof surgical gown fabric with excellent drapability, breathable properties, and anti-blood/static/alcohol.

Cellulose Polyester Spunlace Fabric
Woodpulp Creped Spunlace nonwoven Fabric
Woodpulp Polyester Creped Spunlace Fabric
Woodpulp PET Blue Creped Spunlace Fabric
Woodpulp polyester spunlace nonwoven