Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric For Baby Wipes

Compared with traditional textiles, non-woven fabrics are used in more and more fields because of their advantages in performance, price and use value.Among lots of characteristic nonwoven fabric processing methods,spunlace process is one of the fastest-growing nonwoven fabric production methods.

With the continuous improvement of spunlace technology, the diversification of spunlace products and the rapid economic development, various spunlace non-woven products are entering thousands of households, involving all aspects of people’s lives, wet wipes is one of them.Although with the improvement of residents’ consumption level and consumption concept, people’s application of wet wipes has been widely used in medical and health, catering, heavy industry and household wiping, there is no doubt that the most widely used is still personal hygiene product such as baby wipes.

We usually have the following requirements for the performance of baby wipes:

1.Baby wipes should have a high strength.

2.When baby wipes contacts with the skin, we should have a soft and comfortable feeling.

3.Baby wipes should have good water absorption.

4.Baby wipes s hould have the feature of low lint to avoid secondary pollution of the wipes.

5.Baby wipes must be safe, such as surface active substances and pH must meet the corresponding standards.

According to such needs, technology, price and other factors, we usually choose viscose &  polyester spunlace nonwoven fabric which is made of viscose and polyester fibers as raw materials.Viscose fiber has the characteristics of hydrophilic, soft, skin-friendly and low lint, while polyester fiber has a high strength. The combination of two kinds of fibers not only retain the advantages of viscose fiber but also improves the strength and structural stability of the product.According to the needs of customers, spunlace viscose & polyester nonwoven fabric can be made in any ratio from 100% viscose to 100% polyester. The style can also be customized for plain, mesh, embossed, printing and different colors.

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