Woodpulp viscose spunlace nonwoven

woodpulp viscose spunlace nonwoven is the most unique spunlace nonwoven which is 100% biodegradable and compostable.It have more competitive price compare with 100% viscose product.It is becoming a new development in wet wipe industrial. Also, it can match with Alcohol and other liquid to make the difinfactant wipes.

●   Biodegradable
●   High Absorbency
●   Solvent Resistant
●   Soft to Touch

Product Details

Name Woodpulp viscose spunlace nonwoven
Composition Woodpulp & Viscose
Weight 50-120gsm
Width 10-210cm
Color White
Pattern Mesh
Certificate MSDS、SGS、ISO9001、ISO14001
MOQ 1000kg
Application Wet Wipe and Face Cleaning towel
Hotel and Restaurant Wipe
Household Cleaning Wipe
Precision Instrument Wipe