Woodpulp Apertured Spunlace Fabric

Woodpulp Apertured Spunlace Fabric is made of spunlace technology in the “2-steps” producing method.It has high friction feeling and can keep the dust into fabric.In a way, it can help user to clean the object or space easily. This fabric usually use for industrial cleaning aspect.High friction feeling is a special specification on this fabric, it is so hard to replace by other products.

●   Rough Surface
●   High Strength
●   Abrasion Resistance
●   Remove Stubborn Stains

Product Details

Name Woodpulp Apertured Spunlace Fabric
Composition Woodpulp & Polyester
Weight 40-120gsm
Width 10-210cm
Color Lake Blue
Pattern High Friction
Certificate MSDS、SGS、ISO9001、ISO14001
MOQ 1000kg
Application Remove Paint and Glue
Remove Stubborn Stains
Rough Surface Cleaning
Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance