Wet Wipes Spunlace Fabric

Its pattern is diamond embossed, which is characterized by high cleanliness and cleanliness and high abrasion resistance.”2-steps” producing method, compositing the soft woodpulp together with strong spunbond fabric through hydroentanle, with special embodded textured pattern for extra cleaning power.It’s ideal for heavy-duty cleaning tasks, cleaning oily surfaces and machinery, cleaning rough surface and preparing surfaces with solvents.

And this product is also the main non-woven material used for wet wipes.

●   Low Lint
●   High Strength
●   High Absorbency
●   Solvent Resistant

Product Details

Name Wet Wipes Spunlace Fabric
Composition Woodpulp&Polypropylene
Weight 35-120gsm
Width 10-210cm
Color White
Pattern Embossing
Certificate MSDS、SGS、ISO9001、ISO14001
MOQ 1000kg
Application Disinfecting wipes ,Alcohol wipes ,Cleaning wipes