Viscose Polyester Nonwoven Fabric

Viscose polyester nonwoven fabric is made from high-grade viscose and polyester fiber with advanced hydroentangle technology.
It would not have fiber chips when rubbed in the hot water with detergent for its fiber combined firmly. It has efficient remove water and oil stains ability and excellent solubility. It applied in wipes, compressed towel, Kitchen Wipes, dishcloth, etc

●   Low Lint
●   High Absorbency
●   Soft and Skin-Friendly
●   Both for Wet and Dry

Product Details

Name Viscose Polyester Nonwoven Fabric
Composition viscose & Polyester
Weight 35-120gsm
Width 10-210cm
Color White
Pattern Embossed
Certificate MSDS、SGS、ISO9001、ISO14001
MOQ 1000kg
Application Wet Wipe
Hair Dry towel and Bath towel
Face Cleaning towel