Dual Textured Meltblown Fabric

Dual Textured Meltblown Fabric features a smooth side and a scrubby side. The scrubby side fibers can be pigmented with various colors. It can be engineered to provide high absorbency and excellent metered fluid release and low in lint.
The features Anti-static, Breathable, Shrink-resistant.It’s ideal for wipes used in hand cleaning/sanitizing and hard surface cleaning.

●   Low Lint
●   High Cleaning Capacity
●   Solvent Resistant
●   Rough and Smooth Surfaces

Product Details

Name Dual Textured Meltblown Fabric
Composition Polypropylene
Weight 35-80gsm
Width 10-160cm
Color Red
Pattern Abrasive cloth
Certificate MSDS、SGS、ISO9001、ISO14001
MOQ 1000kg
Application Heavy Oil Cleaning
Hard Surface Cleaning
Remove Stubborn Stains
Rough Surface Cleaning