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    R & D
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    Technical Ability
    Instrument and equipment

    Our company owns experienced R&D team and well equipped laboratory. We are able to realize the R&D experiment and test equipment. The lab owns Muffle Furmace, Rotary Klin, Ultrafine pulverizer, Lithium battery experiment and test equipment. It can perform the whole process of pilot production of sulphate process titanium dioxide.

    Laboratory Apparatus
    Laboratory Apparatus


    Laboratory Apparatus



    Laboratory Apparatus



    Laboratory Apparatus



    Laboratory Apparatus


    R&D Team
    Zhu Xianrong
    R & D project manager. Master of Science, MBA, a number of patent inventor. Mr. Zhu committed to the R&D and production management of titanium dioxide and its derivatives. He also carried on a long-term in-depth study on titanium dioxide’s production and procedure controlling, titanium dioxide doping and surface coating of titanium dioxide particles, denitration catalytic titanium dioxide and etc.
    Wang Ling
    General manager of Inter-China testing & technology Co.,Ltd, Technical person in charge, a number of patents inventor. Long term commitment to TiO2 and derivatives research and development, application testing.
    R & D Achievements
    The company has submitted 47 patent applications for products and technologies, and obtained 10 national patents for technological inventions. They are production methods of near infrared reflecting titanium dioxide, particle size detection methods and two kinds of lithium titanate manufacturing technologies.

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    Technical Cooperation
    Our company cooperated with Yunnan Zechang Titanium Industry developed the "high-end plastic grade titanium dioxide DR-2588". The DR-2588 was approved by a number of domestic and foreign masterbatch manufacturers since it is launched.
    The company can undertake new product development, product technology upgrades, production technology transfer projects such as cooperation, welcomed the many enterprises call for more titanium dioxide.


    +86-511-84492112   +86-511-84492239


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