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    Into Inter-china
    • 2022 -
      • The thirteenth technical invention patent (a method for preparing near-infrared high-reflectivity titanium-based white pigment aluminum magnesium titanate) was authorized.
      • Inter-China Chemical became the governing unit of the Titanium Material Production and Application Branch in China's building materials market.
      • TopFine New Materials won the "Top Ten Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises" of the Science and Technology Park in 2021.
      • Inter-China Chemical won two awards at the 18th China Coatings Industry Summit.
      • Inter-China Testing&Technology has passed the "D50" capability verification of CNAS particle size analysis (laser diffraction method).
      • Inter-China Chemical and its subsidiaries were rated as "Jiangsu Provincial Quality and Credit Rating A-Level Enterprise".
      • TopFine New Material was recognized as a municipal-level "specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprise".
      • Inter-China Testing &Technology passed the annual proficiency verification of CNAS "Determination of Mass Flow Rate of Thermoplastic Melt".
      • Inter-China Chemical won the honor of "Quality Service Provider of Coatings Industry Chain" again.
      • Inter-China Testing & Technology has passed the CNAS coating contrast ratio capability verification.
      • TopFine New Material won the title of "Specialized and special and New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" in Jiangsu Province.
    • 2021 -
      • Titanium-based Lithium Adsorbent granules have completed the production process standards and successfully achieved mass production.
      • Near Infrared reflection titanium dioxide function material IR-600 has launched
      • Topfine New Material is indetified as“Zhenjiang titanium dioxide new material research and development engineering technology research center”by Zhenjiang Science and Technology Bureau.
      • 《Evaluation method for energy conservation of building thermal insulation coating》T/CSTM00292-2021 standard ,which participated by Topfine New Material has issued.
    • 2020 -
      • High durability plastic grade TiO2 DR-2589 has launched
      • Inter-China titanium dioxide technical marketing platform set up.
      • Topfine New Material signed industry-research cooperation agreement with Jiangsu university .
    • 2019 -
      • Topfine New Materials obtains the national high and new technology enterprise approval.
      • Four titanium color pigment technology inventions were authorized by national patents.
      • Inter-China Testing &Technology was selected as"2018Jiangsu provincial public technology service platfrom"
      • Reached technical cooperation of cross-licensing of near-infrared reflective titanium dioxide patent with Venator.
    • 2018 -
      • Near-infrared reflecting TiO2 IR-1000 was awarded the title of 2017 China Good Technology.
      • Inter-China Chemical signed cooperation agreement with Anhui Annada Titanium Industry on the green coating titanium dioxide grades ATR-311.
      • Topfine new materials gained three invention patents for lithium titanate preparation technology.
    • 2017 -
      • Inter-China Testing& Technology got authentication of CNAS certification.
      • High-end plastic grade titanium dioxide DR-2588 was launched.
      • Topfine new materials gained provincial financial incentives funds on enterprise R&D.
      • Near-infrared reflecting TiO2 IR-1000 was regarded as provincial new high-tech product.
      • Chief technical counselor Mr. Fa Haoran was honored with outstanding contribution of China titanium dioxide industry.
    • 2016 -
      • Inter-China Testing& Technology got authentication of CMA certification.
      • Method of irregular particle size determination got national patent authorization.
      • Inter-China Testing& Technology got authentication of CMA testing items enlargement.
      • The company is relocated in Zhenjiang National University Science Park.
    • 2015 -
      • Near-infrared reflecting titanium dioxide was granted national patent authorization.
    • 2014 -
      • Inter-China Testing & Technology Co., Ltd. was established.
    • 2013 -
      • The new product R&D lab is integrated into the wholly-owned subsidiary company: Zhenjiang Topfine New Materials Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
    • 2001 - 2008
      • Inter-China Chemical was established;
      • The company established chemical analysis and testing lab to perform regular testing items of titanium dioxide.


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